How it works

A rough overview of my process

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    Understanding the underlying problems of a project is a vital part of consulting and development. I will listen to what's on your mind before I start the actual development process. It is important to analyze which value a solution can provide to your business to ensure I can deliver a return on investment.

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    Defining the Scope

    Once I have a deep understanding of your problems and goals I'll suggest a few options, each with a very rough cost estimate. You chose an option and we will define a minimum viable product (MVP). This MVP has to be a minimum solution that already has some business value.

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    Defining the Package

    All non-trivial software projects have intrinsic uncertainty. To handle this uncertainty I use agile methodologies. I'll break down this MVP into development packages and define the first package along with a quote. (One package typically comprises features I can deliver in less than 2 weeks.) Once the quote is accepted I'll start the development.

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    Package Delivery

    After the package is finished we will review the result and check if it conforms to the package definition.

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    Feedback and Next Iteration

    At this point we have the opportunity to revise the overall direction of the project and react to changed business requirements. We'll agree on the next package and this process reiterates until the MVP stage is reached.

Under the Hood

To build reactive web applications I use a high-end technology stack

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Simon Effing


My name is Simon Effing. I have over 20 years' experience in enterprise software development in various sectors including financial, health care and telecommunication services. Over the past 3 years I advised 3 startups and developed their web applications. I work with a small and agile team of experts to ensure a lean development approach.